+ Due to Covid NISDA is suspending all arts programs through June 2022. This includes all activities at NISDA Seaview Farm Arts Center as well as NISDA’s Artist in Residence program. If you wish to be personally updated please send an email to nisdaartsnantucket@nisda.org. DUE TO COVID-19 WE ARE SUSPENDING ALL PROGRAMS.

When will we be able to be together again?

It looks like the Late Summer-Fall of 2022!

We are watching and evaluating several factors. As you may have heard in the news, in recent months there has been a surge of COVID on our island now including newly arrived variants. Our numbers continue to be higher than the mainland, so it is critically important to continue to be safe, vigilant and respond accordingly.

  • Over a year of COVID has slowed the timing of NISDA’s Historic Restoration CPC Projects yet to be completed. Contractor crews have been impacted by
    COVID and scheduled work both at our school at Seaview Farm and Artist Residences have been slowed or halted.
  • Another factor: Many have moved to Nantucket recently, adding to contractor projects and slowing Town permitting approvals.
  • The reset of our Art Studios: set-up, equipment and supplies is therefore on hold until the contractors have completed their work yet to be re-scheduled.
  • Planning fewer, even-distanced art programs outdoors is currently impossible and would be a huge concern, considering the sharing of materials etc.
Though the mask mandate has been lifted off island, COVID remains an ongoing concern on Nantucket. We look forward to the re-scheduling of building and restoration projects and will continue to send update notes… and ultimately our Arts Program start up dates which are now projected for Late Summer-Fall 2022.

We deeply regret yet another calendar delay as we too look forward to being together again. Meanwhile, we are enjoying the delight and the NISDA memories students, artists, families and former kinder artists and now grown adults are sharing!

Looking Forward,
Kathy Kelm, Laura Herhold and Denese Allen

for NISDA’s Arts and Education Community

PS: If you would like to gift a year end contribution to support our ongoing work we would greatly appreciate it!
Please make out a check to NISDA and send to: Box 1848 Nantucket, MA 02554