Painting, Drawing and Monoprint



Due to Covid NISDA is suspending all arts programs through June 2022.


This class will introduce students to working on the 2-D surface through a wide variety of mediums. Students will investigate composition, color, texture, and mark-making, and explore materials ranging from charcoal and graphite to ink and watercolor. Through the introduction of traditional ne art techniques, students will be allowed to adapt these methods to t the needs of their own personal expression, having the opportunity to render objects and create images both guratively and abstractly. Techniques include observational drawing and painting. Japanese block printing, cyanotype, creating paintings with unconventional and natural materials, and intaglio monotyping. Experimental sketchbook and journaling exercises will keep the visual discoveries owing outside to class to supplement in-class projects. Works-in-progress will be discussed in supportive critique settings. Excellent for all levels of experience from beginners to professionals. Studio materials will be provided, but please bring your own sketchbook.