Summer Programs 2023

Summer 2023 Programs

Classes | Lectures | Workshops

Adult Classes
Art Studios | Workshops

Held at Seaview Farm Art Center Wauwinet

→ Adult Weekly Studios
→ 1 + 2 Day Workshops

Youth Classes

Our Young Artist Programs are multi-cultural and interdisciplinary adventures of the mind, offering opportunity for self-expression, reflection and wonder.

→ Summer 2023 classes

Kinder Arts

A multi-cultural, fun way to spend the summer! The focus is on learning, experimentation, discovering personal creativity, and broadening our horizons!

→ Summer 2023 classes

Generations Together

Ages 3–103

Enjoy the good, old-fashioned fun as we present special guest artists and projects that bring children and their loved ones (parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends, and babes in arms…) together to make art across the generations.

→ Summer 2023 dates

NISDA Lectures and Silo Gallery

The figurehead of our programs, offers a place to be inspired, consider visions for the future, stewardship, explore cutting edge and historic ideas, ingenuity, expressive and applied creativity.

→ 2023 Lecture + Reception listing online