Community Events

Sculpture and Sandcastle Day



Due to Covid NISDA is suspending all arts programs through June 2022.


Building area: Jetties Beach, east of the Jetty.

Be creative… you may use hand tools and aids such as bucket and forms to build. The emphasis is on building and decorating with Nantucket nature, shells, etc… hand-made ornaments and decorations indigenous to the island may be used (no dyes or paint ) or food (flour, sugar).  Please remember to take away all non-beach friendly objects to protect our fragile ecosystem. PLEASE DO NOT POST ADVERTISING PLACARDS OF ANY KIND.

Teams: The age group of the team is that of its oldest member. A Family Team consists mainly of children, with one or two accompanying adults, older siblings, grandparents, etc. A Family Team that has all adults, a majority of adults or adults and teens is considered an Adult Team. Do encourage your children’s castle building, but if you are not registered, please remember no hands-on building!

Nantucket Community Arts, Education, Social Service Organizations, Teens may enroll. Application fee waived. Full Sandcastle scholarships for families and individuals available.

Awards are based on CREATIVITY, CONCEPT and DESIGN. Judges are island professional artists, visiting artists and educators, lecturers, staff and faculty from Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts. There is also a PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD!