Experimental Painting with Collage and Mixed Media

Instructor: Kevin Stanton
Two-Day Workshop | Saturday July 15 and Sunday July 16
9:30 am-Noon | $150 + $25 lab fee

In this two-day workshop students will use collage and mixed media as a way to explore new avenues of creating images. Students are encouraged to bring in a found object such as a wood panel, an old painting or photo from the thrift store or dump, or even an old vinyl album cover to work on in place of a traditional canvas. Magazines and images for collage will be provided as well as glue.

The Sound of a Word and What it Looks Like

Instructor: MJ Levy Dickson
One-Day Workshop | Thursday July 20
9:30 am-Noon | $75+$15 lab fee

By using Puns students will learn to link a sound with an image. For instance, the word “pear” also can be spelled “pair.” Students will be asked to draw a pear and a pair of something such as mittens, glasses, scissors, etc. The pear could be a Bartlett pear, a Bosc pear, an Anjou pear, etc. In Chinese folklore and imagery, puns are drawn upon frequently for symbols such as the word for “bat” is the same word as “luck” so a bat becomes a symbol of “good luck.” Students could combine writing skills with visual skills and learn that one could describe a work/image or one could write the description and then visualize it. This workshop will enable students to think beyond one form of expression or another and combine the two to enrich a project.

Nantucket “Idea Pitch” Gam

with Donick Cary
One-Day Workshop | Thursday July 27
9:30-Noon | no fee to attend
Have a rollicking time pitching your ideas to Donick Cary, prolific, creative Emmy-winning writer-producer, David Letterman, The Simpsons TV series, Film, Founder of MusACK and more! Bring your TV, Film, Short Film, Animation. Bring ideas to banter back and forth. Atmosphere a la a real write room! Coffee and donuts will be served.
(Pre-requisite: Attend and register for this workshop at Cary’s “Creative Process” presentation at NISDA’s Wednesday Evening Lecture July 26th at 7 pm)

Shoji Satake’s Miniature Clay

Flower Workshop | Thursdays August 3 and August 10
9:30-Noon | $150 + $20 lab fee

Enjoy this exceptional opportunity to create miniature clay flower sculptures. Shoji will demonstrate various techniques to hand-build clay flowers. No skills necessary, just a willingness to learn and play with clay!
Space is limited – Register at Shoji’s Wednesday Evening Lecture (or prior) on August 2 at 7 pm where Shoji will speak on a Global Intersection of Art and Social Practice. J. Bernard Schultz Endowed Professor of Art and area head of ceramics at West Virginia University School of Art and Design and Coordinator of the School’s Ceramics in China program. The second class is to glaze and fire your flowers with NISDA day staff assistance.

Pop Up Cards

Instructor: Elizabeth Long
One-Day Workshop | Saturday August 12
9:30-Noon | $75+$15 lab fee

Pop up books are full of surprises, and pop-up cards are no different! In this one-day workshop, you will learn some basic paper engineering techniques, and go home with some 3D creations. This workshop will cover a few simple cut and fold techniques that participants can use to make a variety of pop-up cards. Zany ideas are a plus in this workshop!

Clay Tile Making

Instructor: Laura Herhold
Two-Days Workshop | Saturday August 5, 12
9:30-Noon | $150+$30 lab fee

Explore texture, repetitive pattern, drawing in clay, as well as slab, and hand building techniques in clay as we learn to create tiles for installation or as objects of beauty. Tiles can tell a narrative story… and tiles can reveal impressions and patterns from nature.
The studio is equipped with a slab roller and the required hand tools. We will also explore surface treatments and simple glaze options. Bring your ideas! Beginners are welcome.

High School Studios

(Ages 14 and up)
Committed High School students are encouraged to come to NISDA’s Wednesday evening Lecture Series and are welcome to register into NISDA’s Adult Programs: drawing, painting, textile, photography and clay courses with faculty approval.

See Adult Programs and Workshop Listings. High School students fill out Adult Application Form to register.

Be a High School Studio Assistant and Earn your Workshop Tuition: Learn, have fun and contribute your talent and energy to NISDA. Gain experience in the art of teaching and art administration, while you refine and develop your own artistic capabilities. This is a part-time weekly responsibility. In return you receive a tuition and lab fee credit to take a workshop of your choosing. To apply, please fill out the Adult Application and write us a note about yourself, your interests and hopes for the future.