Community Events

Cultural Arts Lecture Series


Lectures at 7 pm

NISDA’s Lecture Series, the figurehead of our programs, offers a place to be inspired, consider visions for the future, stewardship, explore cutting edge and historic ideas, ingenuity, expressive and applied creativity. Open to Nantucket Community and Visitors!
 Held at NISDA’s Seaview Farm, 23 Wauwinet Road.


Reception at 6 pm

Prior to our lectures, enjoy community and conversation in our Silo Gallery.

July 12
Kevin Stanton “Modern Mythology”
Artist Kevin Stanton talks about his painting and contemporary inspiration.
Opportunity for follow up workshop with Kevin on Saturday & Sunday 15 and 16 at 9:30 am, “Experimental Painting with Collage and Mixed Media”
(See → Workshop listings for further details to register)

July 12
In the Silo Gallery: Artist Exhibition
Paintings by Kevin Stanton and other Island Artists

July 19
MJ Levy Dickson Artist and Educator Presentation
Artist and Educator MJ Levy Dickson shares her extensive work and introduces ceramics faculty Allyson George, guest instructor Eve Christa Wetlaufer, along with artist interns Alexandra Buciak and Elizabeth Long. Opportunity for follow up workshop with MJ Thursday, July 20th at 9:30 am “The Sound of a Word and What It Looks Like”
(See → Workshop listings for further details to register)

July 19
In the Silo Gallery: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture of NISDA Faculty

July 26
Donick Cary “The Creative Process”
Prolific Emmy-winning Writer and Producer in conversation with John Shea, Actor, Film Producer and Stage Director.
Follow up with Donick Thursday, July 27th at 9:30 am “Idea Pitch Gam” a la real a write-room experience with coffee and donuts
(See → Workshop listings for further details. Pre-requisite: Attend July 26 Lecture and Pre-register for workshop)

July 26
In the Silo Gallery: Donick Cary’s show
Images with David Letterman, Simpson’s Story Boards, Script Notes, on set with Park and Rec, Story Cards, Outlines.

August 2
Shoji Satake “Global Intersection of Art and Social Practice”
Endowed Professor of Art at West Virginia University School of Art and Design will share his ceramic works, inventive technological teaching and the global connections of his studio and social practices from West Virginia to Jingdezhen, China and Hiroshima, Japan.
Opportunity for follow up workshop with Shoji Thursday, August 3rd at 9:30 am “Miniature Clay Flowers” hands-on techniques to create clay sculpture owers.
(See → Workshop listings for further details to register)

August 2
In the Silo Gallery: Ceramic works by Shoji Satake, Allyson George, Eve Christa Wetlaufer
AND in salon…
“Crossing the Line” a graphic novel by Dennis Nolasco, Mass College of Art and Design, Master’s Degree in Illustration. “The story of my father’s struggle at the Mexican border trying to move forward into a better life”

August 9
Mark Carapezza: “Wishes From…” A Global Vision
Founding Project Director, Artist, Musician, Visionary through 108 Arts Production Company will share A Global Participatory Environmental Art Event encompassing children around the world sharing wishes on their own flag. A beautiful and meaningful project.
Opportunity for follow up workshop with Mark in NISDA’s Generations Together Friday, August 11th at 10:00 am “Wishes From…” paint your wishes and make a colorful ag. Come be part of this global project! (See → Generations Together for further details to register)

August 9
In the Silo Gallery: Mark Carapezza’s photos of “Wishes From…”
and flags created by children around the world!

August 16
Matt Oates “Nantucket’s Indigenous Recycled Sculpture”
Nantucket’s recycle-artist and philosopher, creator of the “bubble-mobile” and colorful, joyful art about Town and across the island environment will share his work and ideas.

August 16
In the Silo Gallery: People’s Art Show
A celebration of the enjoyment of the Arts in our daily lives.

Inviting all Islanders to bring their creations – painting, sculpture, crafts to home arts. Matt Oates sculptures will be in NISDA Sculpture Garden adjacent to our Silo Gallery.