College Credit and PDP
General Information



NISDA’s affiliation with the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, offers the opportunity to earn 1.5 graduate or undergraduate credits for each of NISDA’s two core courses. You may design an individual course focus from NISDA’s spectrum of art workshops and studio classes.

College Credit Contact Hours

The number of credits earned is defined by contact hours and is awarded on the basis of 20 contact hours of studio instruction per credit and 15 contact hours for Arts Education Courses. July and August courses with art workshops and studio class components are offered for credit; requirements outlined include class coursework, in-studio work, critique, artists dialogue, lecture series attendance, reading, and final project. The Wednesday Evening Cultural Arts Lecture Series, critique and dialogue time are required contact hours for students earning college credit and encouraged enrichment for all. Grading is on a pass/fail basis. If requested, a letter to your registrar stating your letter grade equivalent and course of study will be provided.

College Credit Policies

Cost is $170 for each undergraduate credit and $230 for each graduate credit. This total Mass Art credit fee accompanies your course documentation transfer at the completion of your study. Policies on accepting transfer credits vary by college or your program matriculation course requirements. Students seeking credit are urged to contact their home institution to arrange approval prior to attending class. You must elect credit at the time of registration or your first class. Credit transfer guidelines do not allow a change in application or acceptance for credit study requests once a course has started. NISDA staff can assist you and is available to speak with your Program Administrator or Department Head. They may call directly to 508-325-6659, fax 508-228-3648, email: Another college credit earning format is to arrange for an independent or Parallel Course offering earning credit from your matriculating institution.

Educator Professional Development Points (PDP)

NISDA has been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide Professional Development Points for all courses, Art Workshops, Studio Classes and related Lecture Series meeting the requirement of 10 hours or more. One contact hour = one P.D.P. Most 1-5 Day Art Workshops meet 10+ hours. Monthly Studio Classes meet 20 hours. Core Courses may be taken for 30 PDPseach. A written reflection and/or assessment is required. A Professional Development Point Certificate will be issued by Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts.

High School Credit

To earn high school credit, make arrangements with principal, counselor or Curriculum Coordinator, and attach an official letter stating approval, guidelines, grading system and grade deadlines as well as contact and phone number.

NISDA Harbor Cottage Artist Colony
provides Island Accomodation

NISDA July + August program courses and studio workshops have reserved cottage space to accommodate housing needs for NISDA’s registered students. However, space is limited and fills up quickly! Fill out your application, identify your dates, and define your housing request. Send in application with housing dates and information and call Cottages at 508-228-4485 to discover your accommodation options for single or shared cottages. read more…

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